We’re excited to share that SharkGate has secured funding from Business Finland, affirming our commitment to revolutionize website protection. This collaboration highlights our pioneering AI and blockchain technologies in developing a decentralized firewall for unparalleled security. As Business Finland supports our quest, we’re poised to expand globally, enhancing our innovative solutions against evolving cyber threats

A Testament to Innovation and Trust: The funding from Business Finland is not just a financial boost but a testament to the innovation, resilience, and potential that SharkGate brings to the table. Business Finland’s support is renowned for propelling Finnish innovations with global impact, and their backing of SharkGate is a vote of confidence in our vision and technologies.

The Journey of SharkGate: Since our inception, SharkGate has been at the forefront of combating cyber threats with cutting-edge AI technologies. Our journey began with a clear mission: To protect websites and make the internet a safer place to do business. Over the years, we have developed SharkNet, our AI-driven cybersecurity ecosystem, which has revolutionized how businesses protect themselves online.

The Impact of Funding: The funding from Business Finland helps enable us to accelerate our research and development, enhance our AI algorithms, and expand our global footprint. This financial injection will also support our goal of continuous innovation to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Future Horizons: Armed with support from Business Finland, SharkGate is set to scale new heights. We are committed to expanding our services, refining our technologies, and reaching more businesses worldwide. Our goal is clear: to create a safer digital world through superior cybersecurity solutions.

Join us on this exciting journey towards a secure digital future. Stay updated on our progress, explore our solutions, and discover how SharkGate can protect your digital assets from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

For more details, visit Business Finland’s coverage of our journey.

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