Revenue Coin chooses SharkGate as it's first investment for it's portfolio

VC disrupter Revenue Capital invests into crypto & AI cybersecurity company SharkGate

Revenue Capital LLC, a growth solutions provider for on- and off-chain projects, has reached a funding and support agreement with SharkGate, a Finnish cybersecurity company, disrupting the sector with their incentivised AI-powered solution.

A funding package will allow SharkGate to boost its product launch via dedicated marketing actions. They also intend to lay the foundation for future product tokenisation, using  Revenue Capital expertise in this field.

“We are excited to support SharkGate in their quest  for a more efficient and direct way of making threat intelligence data available to websites owners, building and incentifying their community and redefining the way cybersecurity has been performing in their respect so far,” commented Jarek Bialek, CEO of Revenue Capital, “Our community is really excited about this project, especially because of the new product initiatives that will first only be shared within the RVC community”.

Revenue Capital aims to disrupt the field of venture capital by empowering investors of all sizes to fund  start-ups and scale-ups that are building the technologies of tomorrow. They believe that investing in unicorn start-ups and scale-ups should be available for everyone, not just for the wealthy few.

SharkGate is the first project funded by this young disrupter, with many others hoping to jump in. For Revenue Capital, this means that their unique tokenomics model will kick in where projects that receive funding allocate a percentage of their revenue to the systematic purchase of RVC from the market, reducing supply and increasing value for its holders.

The relationship between the two companies started at the Slush conference, organized in Helsinki, where their representatives met and developed an interest in each other’s businesses. “We find the tokenised revenue-sharing funding model promoted by Revenue Capital fascinating as an alternative to classic equity-taking ones. Having it backed by hands-on support in the field of tokenisation, as well as marketing and IT development activities related to it, creates immediate and important value to grow our company” says Marc Roberts, CEO of SharkGate. “The story of our meeting and interactions proves the importance of building proper relationships in this business. Trust is the core ingredient of any successful collaboration and especially of such an ambitious one as ours,” adds Jarek Białek.

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