Sigma’s latest AI-focused magazine edition turns the spotlight on SharkGate, the cybersecurity powerhouse redefining how to protect websites from hackers. Following a stellar victory at the 2023 AIBC Europe Startup Pitch, SharkGate’s leaders—CEO Marc Roberts and Chief AI Officer Jonathan Morrissey—unfold their visionary approach in Sigma’s article explaining how SharkGate is transforming the cybersecurity domain.

SharkGate shifts cyber protection to a situation where an attack on one site enables a global immunity to be immediately developed to protect all sites in the network from similar attacks.It’s an interconnected fortress where every assault only tightens the security for everyone. It’s powerful solution, revolutionizing the very concept of firewall protection.

Any website behind SharkGate, is using an ever-learning, ever-evolving network of defense, strengthening their security and safety with each passing moment. This innovative system not only learns from data in real-time but distributes its intelligence across a collaborative network, marking a significant departure from the traditional, compartmentalized firewalls. It’s a forward-thinking method that has earned SharkGate a laudable 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating.

What truly distinguishes SharkGate is their embrace of tokenomics, introducing the SharkGate Token to incentivize the communal sharing of anonymised threat data between sites. This proactive contribution enriches a vast threat intelligence database, further equipping SharkGate’s defenses against the most cunning of cyber threats.

Sigma’s feature on SharkGate is a testament to their pioneering spirit, merging advanced AI with a unified cybersecurity front. It’s not just a spotlight; it’s an acknowledgment of a new era where cybersecurity is driven by intelligence, innovation, and community.

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